I'm not so inspired to write about Temescal Pool, TBH. It's basically what you might expect from an inner-city public pool, which is not to say there's anything bad about it, maybe just a certain meh-ness of it all. On entry, they didn't have change for a $20, so my $3 fee became a $6 donation (to be fair there is a sign taped up that says "BRING EXACT CHANGE"). The locker room was a bit cluttered and... moist... but had lockers, showers, etc. I tried to make the mid-day lap swim, but got caught up, so was at the afternoon open swim, which was pretty popping with the 5-10 y.o. set, and it seemed like the staff was doing great at keeping up with all the kids. 

There is your standard 2 width and tread water swim test to go in the deep end, which is actually the majority of the pool, and I ended up having mostly to myself. The swimming was very enjoyable, and they do allow diving off the deep end, which is great because I like to monkey around in the pool a bit, but if you're mostly into swimming laps, just check the signage and follow the times. They don't have any deck chairs or tables, but if you have a bunch of kids they can post up on the (overgrown) grass. I'll probably go back soon to check out lap swim, but it wouldn't be my first choice for a lazy afternoon. 

Temescal Pool @ 371 45th St., Oakland
Rating: 🏊👌😐
Info & Hours: http://www2.oaklandnet.com/Government/o/opr/s/aquatics/OAK029288
Timing is everything. 

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