Show 1/52: Dynasty Handbag Hosts Floating Showcase of the Weird

Well it just so happened to be my birthday, and I had mentioned to a couple friends that I felt like doing something weird. One of them caught wind of this party (on a boat in the SF Bay) featuring a confluence of comedy, performance, and experimental music, and so of course I was in. We boarded this floating temple of weird at Pier 40, and like the pair of dice hanging from the cab driver's mirror, the glow of Constance Hockaday's neon installations told us that this boat was rare. 

After we pulled away from the dock, our host, Dynasty Handbag, strutted onto the yacht's dance floor and dove right into her performance of improvised satire, choreographed dance routines, and an unshakable sense of American decay. 

Other participants included: 
MSHR, an electronic noise and lights improvised freakout that reminded me of futuristic gnome creatures mining the weirder parts of their brains to concoct a cacophony for their captive audience.

Las Sucias, party-moster, performance-artist singers that use heavy voice modulation to craft dreamy, poppy, powerful tunes.

International Freakout a Go-Go, a fitting danceparty and video display.

I had determined to be present for the show, so I didn't capture any media, but plenty of other people have, so check 'em.

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