5/52 :: Run the Jewels 👉 ✊ @ The Fox, Feb. 3

Alright, I have some catching up to do. I've been a good boy about seeing shows for the last month or so, but not so good about documenting, and my boyfriend has informed me it doesn't count if I don't document it. Run the Jewels at the Fox happened over a month ago, a Friday night at the start of Feb., but I'm only getting to this now, so here's to being better at my practice. So, to that point:

There were three openers: The Gaslamp Killer, Spark Master Tape, and Cuz. I didn't see any of them. Somehow I was still eating ramen at a spot near the Fox at 9:30, then at the venue past 10; I guess I wasn't trying to see any of them. Arriving a few minutes before Run the Jewels came on, the sold-out crowd was in good spirits, and once their set started, most of the balcony was on their feet, dancing and chanting along as the duo tore through familiar tracks from their three LP's. The lasers and stage lights were on point, and if you've got a favorite song, they probably played it. Dj's Shadow and QBert both took the 1's&2's for their productions. End of the day, I even bought a T-shirt, so I guess you could say I'm a fan. Check them out if you can get tickets.