Show 2/52: Tim Presley and Cate Le Bon Cast a Spell at the Chapel

At the show tonight I got to thinking about how prolific Tim Presley is, and I got to admiring his work ethic. It was my fourth encounter with him over the last year, and though a couple of those were more incidental at festivals, they wouldn't have happened at all if he hadn't kept on showing up and rocking out. And man, does he show up. As White Fence, he has some crowd pleasers, but he's also difficult to pin down, each show flowing a bit differently, suggesting experimentation and constant tinkering. His songs under Tim Presley tend more toward this abstract side, which was entirely enjoyable to float along with, especially in that great peaked room of The Chapel. 

Cate le Bon and Tim Presley are friends and collaborators, sharing bandmates and albums. The album they did under the name DRINKS is fabulous, dahling, and I hoped they would play a couple songs together (although it turned out that they did not). Anywho my first time seeing le Bon, I wasn't sure what to expect, but she was a total boss on the guitar and she's got a great haircut. Her set tapped into a transportive spooky something-or-other that was still upbeat and accessible. After the last chord was played, we felt totally content with a night well-spent under the spell of those two charmers. 

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